‘Apologist and defender of the indefensible’: Former Giuliani press secretary wonders ‘what happened to’ him


Washington Examiner- The press secretary for Rudy Giuliani during his 1993 mayoral campaign wondered “what happened” to him in an op-ed in The New York Timeswhich was published on Monday.

Ken Frydman, who met his wife Liz Bruder during that campaign, has started facing questions internally and from friends about Giuliani’s recent adventures regarding Ukraine. Giuliani, who is now President Trump’s personal attorney, has spent months acting on behalf of the president while trying to convince foreign governments to investigate 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Frydman refers to Giuliani in the piece as “Trump’s bumbling personal lawyer and henchman,” and his “apologist and defender of the indefensible.” He also said that the former New York City mayor “wasn’t always like this.”

The former press secretary also explained that as recently as last year he defended Giuliani and expressed his “continuing respect” for him in an op-ed in the New York Daily News, but that “friends and family constantly ask” if he’s lost it.

“Fast forward to Rudy’s Ukraine misadventure. This is not Rudy vigorously defending Mr. Trump’s bad behavior,” Fydman wrote. “This is Rudy, as a private citizen and personal attorney for the president, lamely acting as a shadow secretary of state and Trump enforcer by attempting to influence the 2020 election in favor of his client.”

He goes on to accuse Giuliani of doing “Trump’s dirty work,” and of “ferocious lying for Mr. Trump,” to the point that it has “forced me to re-examine his last 25 years.”

Frydman concluded, “We who admired him for so long expected much more from Rudy Giuliani and his legacy.”